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Everyone wants to know whether online ads work? Yes. No Doubts about it. Online advertising boosts retail sales by an average of 9%.

Professionals making advertising decisions chose:

  • Internet 92%
  • Print 88%
  • Radio 46%
  • TV 46%
  • Mobile ads 39%

Know-how of the Online Advertising

What percentage of the marketing budget should be invested online?
Video Advertising
If you have invested in creating videos to showcase your business - or - have a feeling that your target is engaged by a particular video categories online. Start video advertising in between those popular categories.
Social Advertising
This type of online advertising allows you to target customers on trending social medias like - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc,. You can even target audience based on their interest, which means a lot to any business today.
PPC Remarketing
Pay-per-click is the best way to keep your customers reminded about your product or services by advertising on their favorite social media channel, blog & websites. This even increases the chances of selling more for an online e-commerce store.
Display Advertising
Advertising on websites or apps through banners or other ad formats like - text, images, gif, video etc,. The main purpose of display advertising is to promote offerings and brand messages to site visitors.

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