With the advent of high-speed internet and smartphones entering the Indian market, came a new unseen opportunity that would shape a new form of employment to the jobs market of India. Currently, India has one of the highest active internet users in the world, with around 40 million active users going online every day.

Job portals are simple to use, but an effective tool. They create a platform for job employers and employees to connect directly without the need for any middlemen like job consultancies to come in. This also eradicates the need for employers or employees to pay high fees to job consultancies. These online job portals have created a great opportunity for fresh graduates that are on the hunt for a job as soon as they get out of college.

The creation of online job portals has given a major boost to the labor industry and made it easier for job seekers and employers to connect without a hassle.  The popularity of these online job portals like Naukri.com, Indeed, Linkedin, Timesjobs, etc has grown tremendously over the last decade and these portals hold the majority source of employment for most job seekers. Organizations that have job vacancies can directly advertise their vacancies and look for job seekers matching their requirements through applications and CVs of potential employees. Job seekers have to create a profile for themselves with all the necessary information to get themselves registered on the portal and then begin to look for matching jobs.

Gone are the days of enquiring about job vacancies face-to-face as not everyone is looking for a direct approach anymore. However, if you wish to impress the employers then you need to be someone who is in pace with the existing times. Therefore, this is time saving and far more better than the older times before the internet was a thing and people would have to look for jobs by directly visiting companies in person.

Another edge that online job portals have, is that they cater to job seekers and employers from all kinds of educational backgrounds, which mean that everyone and anyone can use them. Before the introduction of online job portals, searching for a job was difficult as you would have to visit website upon website of different companies and hoping that there is a particular job that matches your profile.  But online job portals have sorted out these complications and made it easier as they filter job listings according to your preferences and match the exact job according to your profile.

From the perspective of employers it has benefited them in a major way as well. Not all companies can afford a dedicated team for recruiting candidates. Therefore, the employers who do not have a definite recruitment team can focus on their work and let the online job portals do the job of filling out their vacancies. The only time that these employers have to dedicate in the recruitment process is interviewing the candidates in person once they have their ideal shortlisted candidates. These job portals are not limited to the services of just providing job opportunities and these online job portals are now hosting webinars to refine your job profile and providing quick tips to improve your resume or CV.

Atleast, we know that the search for your next big job or even the instance that it could be your very first job isn’t that complicated of a process and we wish you the very best on your next big challenge to be the next “big thing”

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