How to host a successful virtual event!

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A virtual event is an organized meetup that takes place online instead of a physical meetup. During these times of the pandemic, a lot of companies have been turning their attention into hosting online events to launch any new products or explain their services or even interact with their customers.  Some of the largest conferences in the world have gone digital.

Speaking of going digital, there are reasons to back up the cause of doing so. Firstly being of the fact that there is a safety measure to it during these times when social distancing is important. Secondly, moving major events, online can reduce costs.

So, now that you know about the advantages of going digital, let’s talk about a few tips on how to get it right if your company is getting ready to go digital!

Tips for hosting Virtual Events!

Strategize your game plan- Every event, whether offline/online, big/small, should have a strategy. Identify your key goal and form up a plan to achieve it. Before, hosting a virtual event, you must understand the goals of doing so. What kind of experience you hope to deliver out of the event. Where do you want the content to be seen? What is the best time to host the event? How will you promote the event? 

Choose the perfect date and time for your event- Choosing the right date and time for your event is important. Make sure to see that there are no competing events or holidays that could interfere with your event’s date. If you plan to go global with your event, then you would also have to take time zones into consideration and you need to have a way to make your content accessible to the people who couldn’t make it for the live event. It would be a smart move to plan multiple networking sessions and different virtual events for different time zones.

Promote the Event- If your company has a strong online presence in social media, then that would come into play as a key factor for promoting your virtual event. Spread the word about your event, share the details of your event by Email and Social Media. If you plan to run ads to promote your virtual event then make sure to do so, strategically.

According to Adobe, registrations tend to see a spike about two to three weeks, before an event. So it’s a good idea to maximize your promotion efforts during this time.

If going digital, ever had the perfect timing, then now would the perfect time in doing so. With people bound to stay at home due to lockdown restrictions, the online world is gaining heavy traffic during this situation and this is time where you could make the most out of, “Going Digital””!

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