5 tips on getting to know your consumers better

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A core part of digital marketing success is largely dependent on understanding the right audience for your brand. Your digital marketing efforts are futile if you do not take the right steps in getting to know your audience better and if you fail to connect with your customers then your brand’s name could be on the verge of a sinking ship, slowly but surely your brand will lose its recognition. 

Even though your digital marketing team is committed to creating marketing strategies or campaigns to make your brand famous, they could easily forget to focus on the specific needs, desires, and preferences of the consumers in the process. And, we all know that consumers mean so important to any business as a heart to a human body. Therefore, it is important to take those steps in impressing your customers to make them go “WOW” about your brand. 

A statistical survey across a wide platform of consumers suggests the following 

  • 95% of consumers state that customer service is what makes them dedicate their loyalty to brands and businesses.
  • For those businesses that lead to providing the best customer service for their customers often beat out their competition. 
  • A majority number of leading CEO’s feel that the customer has the most significant impact on their business.
  • In today’s day and age a large population of consumers, particularly are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and benefits. 

5 tips on getting to know your consumer patterns:- 

  • Get data about your consumers and what moves them– The digital age is a serious tool when it comes to getting any amount of data you please. A sophisticated mix of social media Analytics tools and mobile data platforms could serve you in providing information about consumers’ patterns and your exact market and this would add value to your marketing approach to serve your customers better. 
  • Build a connection with your customers– By engaging with your customers through means of social media, survey, polls or so many other ways you could connect with your consumers and get to know them better. And, once you get to know them you will understand what they expect from a brand and this will drive you to make your brand experience better. An effective way of communicating with your consumers is by creating consumer-based content. 
  • Actively host consumer events or experiences- Experiential marketing is a great way of getting to know your customers better. The current age leans more towards valued experiences and as a brand, if you are successful in creating consumer events/experiences that charm your consumers then you have successfully steered your brand value potential in the right direction. 

A popular automobile brand with the name ” Range Rover or Land Rover” is a key example of a brand that creates unique events/experiences for their consumers. In recent years, during the launch of their new fleet of off-roading SUV’s they created a thrilling experience for some of their consumers to test out their new fleet of SUV’s in a desert with plenty of rocks for their cars to climb over. In this way not only did they showcase their upcoming products to the world but also gained their consumer’s trust by providing something fun for them to experience. 

  • Host Social Media Contests– Social media is the most easiest and extensive way of making some noise from your brand as well as connect with your audience. By actively and repetitively hosting contests for the general audience to take part in you are tailoring a move for your customers to give you attention and appreciation. We see so many popular mobile brands that host various contests like photography contests, over social media platforms. This is indeed giving your brand awareness a sure boost. 
  • Tailor your deals, discounts and bonuses- As a brand if you wish to get your consumers to be loyal to your brand then you would have to provide something which makes them choose your brand over your competitors. By providing special offers, discounts and bonuses you are moving in the right direction for your consumer to like your brand and be loyal to it.

At the end of it all, you want to focus on building a brand that the consumer wants and, not only implementing a brand that you want to just create. 

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