Why is it necessary to do video marketing for your business?

video marketing

Video marketing is one of the most powerful mediums for visually presenting your product or service and capturing your audience’s attention. According to survey reports, more than the average internet user prefers watching videos compared to any other form of content. So why not provide them with what they want.

Let’s first define video marketing.

Video marketing is using video content for promoting and educating people about your product or service. It’s an extremely effective marketing medium that exponentially increases audience engagement. It enables us to reach out to new and larger audiences, increasing brand awareness.

There can be different types of videos like product demo, interviews, video banner ads, explainers, event video, testimonials, How-to-do videos, Podcast videos, vlogs, behind the scenes, sponsored video, editorial video, Live video etc…

Marketing with video may be done in a variety of ways. The main thing is to have a clear idea of the subject, for whom, requirements to make it, and when and how to reach your target audience once it’s done.

Why is video marketing important?

A strong marketing strategy should focus on capturing the audience’s attention. According to studies conducted, people mostly engage with video rather than text or images. It is proven that the audio and visual content stays in our mind for a longer time. For instance,consider a novel: when we watch it instead of reading it, it becomes more relatable and remains with us for longer.

The way in which videos communicate and engage with the human mind is different from written words and images. While watching a video you are using your sense of sight and hearing together, creating a rich learning experience.

As a result, focusing more on videos to market your brand is critical.

By using video content:

  • Concepts can be demonstrated more quickly and clearly
  • A personal connection with your audience can be created 
  • You can reach audiences who utilize platforms like YouTube, which allow only video content to be shared.

Video is useful at every stage of the ‘marketing funnel’.

Stages in the marketing funnel.

1)   Awareness – Make the audience know about you.

Creating awareness about your idea, through video and marketing them on social media platforms. This is the introduction part. 

2)   Consideration – Let your target market like your goods or services.

Educating your audience on how to choose a better solution for the problem. 

3)   Conversion – Build trust in your audience.

Explain why your product or service can give them the best solution.

In all the stages mentioned above, video content can play a significant role when done in the right way.

The most interesting fact is that the demand for video is increasing and the cost for making it is coming down. As a result, more and more video materials are generated on a regular basis, increasing the competition.

Go to a metropolitan area like New York, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Dubai or wherever and you’ll see videos playing on billboards. Why do they go for videos rather than just text or image? Have you thought about it? It is due to the fact that people enjoy videos. They spend at least some time watching it.

When it comes to the internet world it is the same case, people love watching videos. Over 500 million hours of content on YouTube is consumed every single day. Even Instagram which started with only photos has now reels, IGTV. Every social media platform includes videos.

Entrepreneurs, business owners, international corporations… If you want to expand your reach and attract new clients, and you haven’t tried video marketing yet, it is high-time to consider it.

How can video marketing be done effectively?

Making videos is no longer a challenging chore, thanks to advances in technology that put everything at our fingertips. You can make a high-quality video with nothing more than your smartphone. So there are many videos coming up. But, we need to think of ways on how our video is going to stand out and can enter into your audience’s heart.

Make sure to deliver tailored videos that prompt your audience to reach the last funnel step. The viewer always needs new information and reasons why they should consider your brand or business. The major step is to meet the person where they are at the decision-making process. Inspire your potential customer with what you can provide them to meet their needs and you can convert them to your actual customer.

As the demand and competition for video marketing are increasing, we definitely have to look for ways to stand out from the crowd.

The most effective way or the best content that you can include in your video is ‘Storytelling’. We humans are empathic creatures and stories have a deeper connection with us. It develops emotion and solidarity. It also has the potential for a massive lasting impact.

Keep it short – A short video with catchy content is always better than a long one. Within a few seconds of the video itself, the viewer decides whether it is worth their time to watch the whole thing. Always keep in mind the target audience and create content for the video. Remember that the content should be attractive and create an emotional response.

Creating informative videos is also an effective way to engage the audience. Especially when it comes to services, it’s better to inform on how your service is going to solve your customer problem, what are all the benefits and so on.

Testimonials play a very major role in video marketing. This is how your audience can know about your product or service straight from their peers. It gives your brand the credibility it needs among your target audience.

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