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Instagram hit a userbase of 1 billion monthly users back in June. The popular platform has seen immense success in recent years and the growth shows no signs of seeing a downfall. Seeing the massive success. advertisers have jumped in on the opportunity, and are spending more money than ever on the app. 

According to recent statistics, about two million advertisers use Instagram every month, and although this is still a very small percentage of the 1 billion active users per month. Though a massive number of Instagram’s user base is not in the market for shopping for new products and services, there is still plenty of opportunities to use the platform to sell products. 

But the method of selling on Instagram is not as easy as it sounds and therefore, I have spent time analyzing, understanding, and gathering the right intel on how to do it right if you wish to sell on Instagram and make it impactful. 

Create a business profile

The first standard step to selling on Instagram is to create a business profile as this gives you access to a number of selling options. When you switch to a business profile, you get easy access to follow up on your profile’s metrics, like profile visits, website clicks, reach, and impressions. The Content tab, on your business profile, gives you an insight into the performance of your posts. You also have the option to add your website link to your stories and this directs your Instagram traffic to your own brand’s website. 

Partner with Social Media Influencers 

Marketing with the help of influencers promoting a product is a new prominent method and is effective. These influencers have a massive number of followers and them promoting a particular product means that their followers are likely to try the same product. Another added advantage of Influencer marketing is that these influencers have been using the app for a while and understand how the drive works. 

Start Running Ads on Instagram! 

For a business that has small budget, Instagram ads are a great way of promoting your business and it can really have a major positive impact. If the plan of Instagram-based campaigns is executed effectively then it could result in a perfect bang for your buck.

Instagram witnesses a major number of people scrolling through the app mostly to pass time. A user can end up scrolling through various types of content on the app and if your ad comes across their eye and this could result in, them taking interest in your brand’s product and your conversion rate would be huge numbers. 

With changing times, the methods are evolving, and selling online is a new way. The sooner we adapt to that the more growth we eventually get to experience.

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